Mason: Budget approval is key to CSVT

SUNBURY — A PennDOT spokesman says proper funding can make the CSVT project a reality.   Rick Mason believes the passage of Governor Corbett’s transportation budget is key in moving forward.


“I think the governor understands very clearly that there is a need to increase the funding for transportation in Pennsylvania,” Mason said.  “He is moving forward with that.  One of the benefits, if the governor’s minimum level of additional increase in funding is approved by the legislature, will be a commitment to the CSVT — the CentralSusquehannaValley Thruway.”


Mason said he has no doubt the CSVT will have a positive impact for people across The Valley.  “An historic example is when Route 15 was modernized from Williamsport north to the New York state line,” Mason said.  “In the early days of the project, many businesses in the Lycoming Creek   Road corridor felt that because people were so concerned about safety through that corridor that they did not visit the businesses.  Once the road was modernized and you had both the local traffic and the through traffic separated, more people would visit.”


Mason said if the $400-million needed for funding is approved by July, the financial plan could be in place by late fall, and design work could be completed for bids by April of 2015.  Mason was a guest on WKOK’s On The Mark program Tuesday.  You can hear more about the progress of the project during that program online at  (Codi Jade)




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