Mayor defends Sunbury’s surveillance program

SUNBURY – Sunbury Mayor David Persing says the city’s surveillance program is moving forward and he believes that is a positive for the safety of the city. Persing was a guest on WKOK’s On The Mark program Friday and spoke about the surveillance cameras being installed.


He said, “We have established a list of about a half-dozen places. We have put one up at Fort Discovery, so that will be up and running, if it’s not already. Our next project is to go up along the Riverfront. We are going to work with the Municipal Authority and they are talking about the opportunity to be able to show high water for people at home. In the meantime, the cameras will be there for vandalism issues and protection.”


But, not all cameras will be at a fixed location. Persing said, “We also have portable cameras that our police department will be using in the very near future. We’re not going to tell everyone how that works, but there are constantly people giving us resident addresses of possible drug activity and that type of thing, and that’s what the cameras will be for. Not everybody will get to see all the cameras.”


Persing says the location of the fixed surveillance cameras will be known. He said, “It’s not violating anyone’s constitutional rights. When you go for a walk, there will be signs posted on the cameras stating that the area is under surveillance.”


Persing said the cameras are not a waste of money, as some have stated in council meetings. He says he believes the cameras will help prevent crime in Sunbury. (Ali Stevens)


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