Mayor says Sunbury Armory could be city’s 10th ward

PersingSUNBURY – The Sunbury Armory could be another location of growth for the city.  Mayor David Persing says the 1930’s era building would be well worth the investment.  “It is nearly 10 acres of ground and would be clearly be a good site if you want to talk about a building development or possible expansion for recreation.  It sits next to Chief Shikellamy, so maybe there would be some interest from the school district.  I think it would be huge for the city of Sunbury if we could acquire that.”

Persing says he has been talking with state officials about getting an appraisal for the building and putting it up for bid.  “Maybe we could be sitting around and talking about the new 10th ward in Sunbury,” says Persing.  “We could put quite a few homes in the area and we’ve also talked about a hotel or a convention center.  It is just about the potential of having it there.”

The Sunbury Armory was initially sold by the city to the federal government in 1938.  The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs sold the building in 2012.  It is currently vacant, but is occasionally the site of public events throughout the year.  Hear more from Mayor Persing on On The Mark. (Sara Bartlett)





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