Memorial Day observances throughout The Valley

DANVILLE – Towns around The Valley will be remembering fallen soldiers this holiday weekend.  Monday is Memorial Day, a time to remember those who died while serving in the military.   In Danville, Veterans Affairs Director Doug Resseguie says they are getting ready for their annual event.

“The celebration in Danville goes back to the time of the Civil War.  Back then, they called it Decoration Day and decorated all the graves and had speeches and so forth, so this has been happening a long time.”

Resseguie says Danville school board member Allan Schappert will give this year’s address at Monday’s commemorations.  “Allen is a retired lieutenant colonel from the Air Force.  He participated in the 1972 Linebacker 2 bombings in North Vietnam.  He flew the B-52 against the most heavily defended targets in the world.  We lost 15 B-52s during that time period.”

The service at Memorial Park will include speakers, music, lying of the wreaths and more.  Everything begins at 10:00a.m. at the bridge in Danville to remember those who lost their lives at sea.

More Memorial Day events:

Mifflinburg – 1:45p.m: Service at Hartleton Hill Cemetery.  7:00p.m: Service at Mifflinburg Community Park
Montandon – 1:00p.m: Parade to Montandon Cemetery


Sunbury- 8:30a.m: Parade to Cameron Park for services
McClure- 9:00a.m: Service at Middlecreek Area Community Center: Remembering Erman Lepley, Spring Township soldier killed in WWI
Selinsgrove-9:00a.m: Dedication of veterans memorial, parade
Northumberland- 10:30a.m: Parade followed by service in cemetery
Lewisburg- 10:30a.m: Parade on Market Street, service in Lewisburg Cemetery, walking tour of Lewisburg Cemetery
New Columbia- 11:00a.m: Parade to Highlands Cemetery
Troxelville- 11:00a.m: Service at Troxelville Union Cemetery
New Berlin- 1:30p.m: Parade to cemetery
Middleburg- 5:30p.m: Parade and service at Glendale Cemetery





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