Meteorologist says cold temps not unusual

SUNBURY — As temperatures are hanging in the teens, it may be hard to remember the last time it felt this cold.  Although, AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Dave Bowers said it really is not very unusual.

“It is really not that atypical to have weather this cold in the middle of January.  We are at the coldest time period of the year.  It’s not record cold, the records are much lower than this.  As a matter of fact, the record for today’s date is negative 26, back in 1994.”

Bowers said the wind is the real culprit.  “Wind-chill factors are in the minus 10, minus 20 degree range.  This very cold weather pattern will persist right through the upcoming weekend,” he said.

Bowers said with this cold breeze continuing, it is crucial to bundle up before going outside.  He said with this wind-chill factor, exposed skin could get frostbite in a matter of minutes.  The cold temperatures are set to continue through the weekend, with the possibility of snow Friday night. (Codi Jade)



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