Middleburg area stabbing details emerge



MIDDLEBURG – A Middleburg man and his wife are facing multiple charges after a homicide in Middleburg.  According to the police affidavit, Joshua Snook, grandson of 71-year-old Bonnie Snook, stabbed his grandmother in the neck at her home along Creek Road in Middleburg around 4:00a.m. Sunday.


The police report states that Joshua Snook and his wife, Jennifer Snook, were at a bar with a friend in Northumberland, when a fight broke out between the friend and Joshua.  Police say the couple left the bar and went to get a gun at Joshua Snook’s grandparent’s home.  Jennifer Snook reportedly waited in the car while Joshua Snook went inside and grabbed a 9-millimeter handgun.


Police say Joshua’s grandparents, Bonnie and Dale Snook, tried to prevent him from taking the gun and struggle ensued.  Bonnie Snook was stabbed to death.  Dale Snook was stabbed in the arm and transported to GeisingerMedicalCenter for treatment of a stab wound in his arm.  He remains in serious condition.


Snyder County District Attorney Michael Piecuch says Joshua Snook is locked up on a state parole violation and more charges are expected against him.  Jennifer Snook is charged with burglary and theft.  She has a preliminary hearing Thursday.  Police say the stolen gun was recovered from Jennifer Snook’s vehicle.  (Sara Bartlett/Ali Stevens)






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