VIDEO HERE: Milton rallies against bullying

 MILTON—One person ‘really can make a difference’ when it comes to anti-bullying efforts. Around 50 concerned members of the Milton community came together Sunday at the First Baptist Church and pledged to take a stand against the growing problem. Pastor Brian Johnson of the First Baptist Church in Milton said that bullying is a form of discrimination that cannot be ignored.

“Bullying happens when we turn people into categories. When we lose the sight of their humanity, we become indifferent to them and if we become indifferent, it doesn’t matter what happens to you. And so the challenge that is set before us is to wake up and begin to say something.”

The rally was just the first in a planned series of events for the Creating a Community that Cares campaign. Pastor Jilline Bond of the Revival Tabernacle said that the initiative began as a conversation between concerned citizens and became a movement because of the passion of a few. Bond expressed hopes that neighboring communities will follow suit.

“We want to be a community that cares, but maybe, just maybe we can start something in this community that other communities will see and say ‘hey, we’re a community that cares too.’ And it will affect other people and other places and we will start standing side-by-side, because no matter if we’re different or not, we are all the same.”

Challenging residents to phase out the ‘culture of indifference’ that ignores bullying behavior, Bond said that bullying is a valid topic that expands from the schoolyard to the workplace. She said that through education, passion, and standing up for victims, creating a community that cares can blossom one person at a time. (Carrie Haines)




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