Milton to hold session on bullying

MILTON — Bullying is a growing issue across the country, and one local community wants to do something about it.  Members of Milton are coming together to address the topic during their Creating a Community that Cares campaign.


Jilline Bond, Pastor at the Revival Tabernacle Church in Milton, said, “I don’t think there will ever be a change in any situation, regardless of what the topic is, unless there is awareness and education.  That is what we are hoping to do with this upcoming Sunday night event we are having, which will be the first of many events.  We have gotten together and informed a group of people that are creating a community that cares.”


Katie Kling, third grade teacher at BaugherElementary   school, and coordinator of the elementary school anti-bullying campaign said everyone is welcome to attend Sunday’s event.  “We have decided that this is not just a school situation, it happens everywhere.  So we wanted the Milton ministerium, the Milton School District, the Milton business people and everyone to come together at an off-school location.  That way everyone knows they can come.


Sunday’s informative rally will be held at the First Baptist Church in Milton at 6:30p.m. and everyone is encouraged to attend.  It will be the first of several events in Milton’s Creating a Community that Cares campaign. (Codi Jade)


jilline bond and katie kling

jilline bond and katie kling



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