Commissioner doesn’t want to rush on prison plans

SUNBURY – Northumberland County  Commissioner Rick Shoch agrees changes are needed at the aging Northumberland County Prison, but he doesn’t want rush decisions to be made. Shoch said, “I think in this particular economic environment, and with our situation right now with the county, it’s going to be a tough sell for me. I told Commissioner Clausi I would be willing to look at it.”


Shoch said the financial state of the county must be taken into consideration. Shoch said, “I think we need to get some information as to how we can go about this in a cost effective manner and if we can go about it. Right now, we are having to borrow a significant amount to pay for the 911 narrow-banding upgrade that the federal government is forcing us to do, so this is not the best time to talk about borrowing additional funds.”


Commissioner Vinny Clausi gave an urgent message at Tuesday’s public meeting saying they must move now to rebuild a prison in the county, because the current facility has major issues. He plans to discuss the matter and ideas he has at the prison board meeting. (Ali Stevens)




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