Missing steer believed stolen; reward being offered

MIDDLEBURG — The owners of NS Troutman and Sons in Middleburg believe that a steer may have been stolen from their property. Owner Isaac Hassinger tells us that a steer and heifer went missing from their barn sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning of last week.

The heifer was found about a mile away from the site.  The steer is still missing and Hassinger says they believe it was a theft.  He says there have been no sightings of the wayward animal, which is unusual. In addition, there were only one set of tracks leading from the barn. Hassinger says the gates to the barn on their property were properly latched and chained the evening the steer went missing.

They are offering a $500 reward for the return of the steer, or conviction of the perpetrator. Anyone with information can call them at 570-374-4949. (Sara Bartlett)




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