More blighted properties identified in Sunbury

SUNBURY – Sunbury is continuing their fight to rid the city of blighted properties and they are considering using Community Development Block Grant Funding towards this effort. City Solicitor Michael Apfelbaum identified 10 blighted homes on Monday night and the owners of the properties will be receiving a letter giving them 10 days to fix them up. If they don’t clean them up, the city is going to Northumberland County Court to acquire the properties.

Mayor David Persing says they are also looking to use CDBG funding in their efforts.

He explained, “We want to make a map of the city of Sunbury and zoom in on certain areas of the city that are under our blight control that we are working on now with demolition through the Redevelopment Authority. But we are taking it a step further with our Community Block Grant money. We will use probably nine or ten thousand dollars of that money and create a position that’s going to accumulate all of the police calls and the code office violations.”

Persing said, “ We need to identify the areas of the city of Sunbury versus what we are doing now, which is pretty much attacking a bad spot here and a bad spot there.”

Jamie Shrawder of SEDA-COG is a block grant specialist and presented a proposal to the city last night, which they will take about two weeks to consider. Meanwhile, the Sunbury Redevelopment Authority has acquired and sold five homes in 2013 and they hope to continue that trend with the other identified blighted properties. (Ali Stevens/Lauren Koch)




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