More than 50 events planned for Union County’s bicentennial

LEWISBURG – Union County’s bicentennial celebration will soon be underway with more than 50 events planned throughout the rest of the year. Union County Commissioner John Showers says the events will soon begin and a special event is planned for the official birthday.


Showers said, “March 22nd is the official kickoff. That’s when the court will reconvene in New Berlin for the first time since 1855 in the old courthouse. That’s going to start a string of about 60 events.”


Showers hopes the bicentennial will be a unifying experience. He said, “We are looking at it as a way to build community. Tie the west end and the north end to Lewisburg and south on the New Berlin side. We want to bring the whole county together.”


All of the events planned are listed on the website Also on the website, you will find a commemorative coffee mug and other items to purchase to remember the bicentennial celebration. You can hear more from Showers and other Union County Commissioners from Tuesday’s On The Mark program online at (Ali Stevens)




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