Multiple events for Susquehanna Valley Conservatives

conservativesLEWISBURG- The Susquehanna Valley Conservatives will have a busy next few months with multiple speakers and events. Meetings are held the second Monday of the month, and the organization opens its doors to the public of all political parties.

President of SVC, Stan Zellers, says that they think it is important to stay engaged with the government, especially through history. “One of the things that I did recently was read the Federalist’s papers. One of the over-arching themes that Hamilton, Madison, and Jay wrote about is that people should own their government by remaining informed and engaged and that is what we try to do.”

Zellers also says that the SVC bases their views off the Founding Fathers of our government and our Constitution. “I believe the Founding Fathers got it right back in 1787-1788 when they were holding the constitutional convention. I believe that they debated the topics and understood people very well. The conclusions they came to formed the bedrock for our country.”

Susquehanna Valley Conservatives next meeting will be held September 8 at 7 pm and the guest speaker will be meteorologist Joe Bastardi. He will be giving a presentation on the debate over global warming. The meetings in the following months will include multiple guest speakers, a Washington update, and a panel discussion on the “war on coal.”

The meetings are held at the Best Western Country Cupboard in Lewisburg and are free to the public. Zellers was a guest on WKOK Sunrise  Thursday morning, which you can listen to here. (Emily Engle)



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