Murder damages Sunbury’s image

SUNBURY – Even though Miranda and Elytte Barbour are not from Sunbury, the damage they have done to the city’s reputation is already being realized. Mayor David Persing said the national attention the murder case is receiving is unfortunate for Sunbury.


Persing said, “These people are not even from the state of Pennsylvania. They show up living in a town about 15 miles from us. The crime did take place in the city of Sunbury and that’s how we end up getting the headlines, but they don’t represent any part of our community and they don’t actually represent any part of our region.”


Persing said the financial toll the murder case will have is already affecting the police department. He said, “You have a lot of extra hours investigating that, working with Northumberland County to get the information ready for the trial. Just extra time that officers are not going to be out on the street because they are out chasing leads and putting information together. It’s going to cost the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars for such a senseless act of violence that we had no control over.”


Persing said he is extremely proud of all the hard work the police department has put into the case and knows many more hours of work is still ahead for the officers. (Ali Stevens)






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