Needy Family Fund family talks about woes



MILTON — Out of work for five years, single mother Jannette Quinones is inching back into the workplace by volunteering at a Valley insurance firm. “I’m answering phones and doing paperwork, getting experience,” she said. “It could lead to a paying job.”


Quinones said she hasn’t had full-time employment since her youngest child was born with various disabilities.

“I’ve struggled to find a baby-sitter, someone who understands her issues,” said Quinones, who also has a 10-year-old.

As she looks for work to support her family and childcare for her daughter, Quinones said other issues have surfaced that make it difficult to get on solid financial footing. She recently ran into problems with Section 8 because of needed repairs at her home and she has had to pay utilities out of her own pocket.


“My rent was covered, but I’m not getting any utility reimbursements right now and my bills have been backed up since October,” Quinones said. “During the holidays is when we struggle the most.” She’s reached out to The Needy Family Fund for help in getting Christmas gifts for her young children. “I know my situation will improve, but for now I want my kids to have presents,” Quinones said. (The Daily Item)



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