Needy Family Fund: Helping family provide for children

NEW COLUMBIA — It’s the first time Patricia Andino is using the Needy Family Fund, and with saving for a much-needed automobile that will lift her family of four to a better place, the fund is a welcome find.

“At least (the fund) helps us with Christmas gifts for the kids,” said Andino, 31, of New Columbia. “As long as they have something, it’s fine.”  Getting a car is important to Andino and her husband, Juan. Andino is legally blind and on disability. Her eyesight appears to have stabilized over the last 10 years, she said, meaning that it hasn’t gotten worse . She cannot drive.

Not having a car has hindered Juan’s ability to work.“My husband hasn’t found a job because of transportation,”she said. He is a Triangle Tech student in welding, and while getting to school has worked out, getting to a job has not.  On her limited disability income, “we’re trying but it’s hard saving up the money,” she said. The family is limited to buying just the bare necessities: food, clothing for the children, 7 and 3, “that’s basically it.”

A member of the Mennonite Shalom church her family attends recommended Andino apply for the Needy Family Fund, she said, calling it a “cool program for people in need.” 
The church congregation has been helping Andino’s family find help from various sources, and the Needy Family Fund will help them have a warm Christmas together, she said.

Each year, the Salvation Army in Milton and Sunbury, Susquehanna Bank, the Daily Item and the radio stations of Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation team up to raise money for the Needy Family Fund.  This year’s goal is $75,000.  The Needy Family Fund provides toys, clothes, food and more for Valley families in need.  You can donate at any branch of Susquehanna Bank.




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