Needy Family Fund: Herndon couple needs heating assistance this winter

HERNDON – Another holiday will pass where Ruth and William Sands of Herndon will not see their grandchildren.

“My daughter and four grandchildren live in Schuylkill County and I haven’t seen them since Easter,” says Ruth.  My husband drove to get them and bring them down here at Easter because I am bedridden.”

Both Ruth and her husband are disabled.  “William gets social security disability and I get SSI,” says Ruth.  “We are on a very fixed income.” For the couple, it is the basic necessities that are a struggle for them.

Ruth says, “Last year we received help from LIHEAP, but this year we didn’t get as much.  We had two 100-gallon tanks of propane and they are getting extremely low.  When we’re out, we’re out.  Done. Zero. Zilch.”

She says she and her husband cannot even afford a heavy blanket or comforter for their bed.  In addition, clothing is difficult to come by.  “I have a large abdominal hernia,” says Ruth, “Which is a real hindrance when trying to find clothes that fit.”

As for Christmas plans, Ruth says, “It’s depressing, but we will do nothing.  We aren’t homeless, our rent is up to date, our bills are current, but we live in a trailer that is extremely old and drafty with the windowsills rotting out.  We just don’t have extra money for anything and that’s just the way it is.”

The Needy Family Fund has helped the Sands family in the past with food, which Ruth says is very helpful.  They will again get help this year from the fund.  It is a joint effort between the Milton and Sunbury Salvation Army, Susquehanna Bank, The Daily Item and the radio stations of Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation.  The goal this year is $75,000 and you can donate to any branch of Susquehanna Bank. (Sara Bartlett)




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