Needy Family Fund: Single mom looks for help this holiday

SUNBURY — As a single mother of two, Chelsea Bendile of Sunbury says times can get hard, especially around the holidays.  Bendile has raised her four- year-old son and two-year-old daughter on her own.  “It gets hectic at times,” says Bendile.  A bright spot recently has been landing a part time job.  “I literally just got and started my job at Northumberland County Prison.”  While that helps financially, Bendile says there are still expenses. “Both kids are in daycare, and with my new job sometimes I work first shift and sometimes I work third shift.  It varies, so I have to find childcare.”

This holiday season Bendile says she is looking forward to spending time with her children and other family who live in the area.  As for the kids Bendile says, “My daughter is at the age where she is starting to understand more about Christmas.  My son is always excited.”  She says her son would love to have Legos this year.  “He can play with Legos for hours on end,” she laughs.

This is the first time Bendile has asked for assistance from the Needy Family Fund.  The Salvation Army will provide food, toys and more for Bendile and other Valley families.  “It will be nice to be able to have more than what I can provide on my own for my kids this year.  I’m really grateful for the help.”
The Salvation Army in Milton and Sunbury, along with Susquehanna Bank, the Daily Item and the radio stations of Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation have teamed up once again to raise money for local families through the Needy Family Fund.  You can make a donation at any branch of Susquehanna Bank. (Sara Bartlett)



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