New Police Chief in Northumberland

Northumberland- It was a heated meeting at Northumberland Borough Council meeting Tuesday night. After several council members stormed off, a vote was finally held and Sargent Clifford Kriner was named new Chief of Police.


With Chief of Police Timothy A Fink resigning, the borough sought to fill his position. After reading countless recommendations for Sargent Kirner to take over the position, the council members adjourned for an executive session.


After over an hour of meeting, the Mayor Len Zboray emerged visibly angry. After other members emerged and began to explain why they recommended Sargent Kriner as the interim Chief of Police Mayor Zboray stood up and exclaimed, “I am very upset and I am leaving!” With the Mayor went council member Frank Wetzel.


Within minutes, the men rejoined the council and heard an impassioned plea from Sargent Kriner’s wife chronicling her husband’s work for the borough. After all members and visibly frustrated citizens spoke, a vote went through and Sargent Kriner was named Chief of Police effective as of March 162013. (Jillian Lewis)



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