New prison for Northumberland County?

SUNBURY — There was a great deal of new business at the Northumberland County’s Prison Board meeting Wednesday with Commissioner Vinny Clausi exclaiming, “New prisons could save us millions in lawsuits!” Clausi explained to the prison board the benefits of a new facility, but some including District Attorney Tony Rosini were skeptical.

Rosini and Clausi differed on their views of the prison’s potential to generate profits for the county.   Clausi believes that the prison could bring in revenue, while Rosini believes it will cost the tax payers money. Northumberland County prison board chairman, Commissioner Stephen Bridy saw value in both of Rosini’s and Clausi’s points and brought the two parties to an agreement, agreeing that a study into the county’s options was a great first step.

Aside from talks about a new prison, recent MRSA outbreak allegations in the current Northumberland County Prison were also discussed, but representatives from Prime Care, the healthcare provider for the prisons said that there were no more cases than found in the general population. (Jillian Lewis)



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