NFF: Costly year for mom and daughter

needyfamilySUNBURY – A mother and her daughter had a costly year because they have had to travel to New York City frequently for family emergencies.  Two cousins, one 4 and the other in her 40s, died this year. Most of her family lives in New York, said the woman, who did not wish to have name published. “We try to live past it and look to God,” she said. “You can only do what you can.”

Also sharing her household is the woman’s 10-year old daughter and 22-year old niece. Her niece moved in about two years ago because the woman felt Pennsylvania would be a better fit for her than New York. Her niece works in environmental services at GeisingerMedicalCenter while the woman has a job as a mental health caregiver.

Each year, The Daily Item, the Salvation Army of Milton and Sunbury, Susquehanna Bank and the radio stations of Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation team up to raise money for families in need.

The Salvation Army distributes toys, food, clothing, and gifts to eligible families. You are asked to please consider a generous contribution to the Needy Family Fund. Donations can be dropped off at any branch of the Susquehanna Bank. (Robert Stoneback)



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