NFF Family: City man rides out drought


SUNBURY — The past two years have been rough for a 59-year-old city resident. Life took a turn for the worse when the disintegrating discs in his back and his pain medications, which prevented him from operating equipment or driving, forced him to quit his job as a spot welder. He was living in Ohio, where he had moved to get work when the recession hit and the housing industry spiraled. Born and raised in Sunbury, he had worked most of his adult life as a laborer in the Valley’s modular housing industry.


No longer able to work, he returned to Sunbury to be near family. Although it’s nice to be back, living on disability has not been easy. Most of his money goes for rent and utilities. Without health insurance or a drug plan, he frequently has to go without his pain medications.


That’s hard, he said. When asked how he manages, he says that he can’t sit for very long, or stand, for that matter. As an example, he cites trying to do his dishes, which takes a long time as he can only stand at the sink for a couple of minutes. Everything takes him a long time, he says.


He does have a couple of daughters, but they’re not able to help him financially. One is on public assistance and raising three children and the other is about to run out of her unemployment compensation and has not been able to find work. He hates to ask other relatives for help. Asked for how The Needy Family Fund might help him, he said hesitantly, “A food basket or something like that would be nice.” (Stacy Hinck, Daily Item)




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