NFF Family: Family says ‘yes’ to Sal Val’s offer


MILTON- A single mother and her young daughter are thankful to the Salvation Army for making the holidays brighter for them and for others. “Christmas is always a tough time of year for me,” said Amanda Spencer, of
Milton. “Pretty much every year I go down to the Salvation Army and do the Christmas signup for my daughter. It’s a big help.”

The Milton Salvation Army has previously supplied Spencer’s family and others with turkeys and presents for Christmas.  Last year, her daughter, Kylie, got six to seven toys. Kylie, who turns 5 in January, is at the age where she wants “pretty much everything she sees on TV, especially baby dolls,” Spencer said with a laugh.

“I’m very thankful for the Salvation Army and for what they do for people in our area,” Spencer said. “If it weren’t for them, a lot of kids wouldn’t have a good Christmas. Since we’re on a limited income, the Salvation Army does really, really help.” Spencer receives financial assistance for her daughter as well as disability. She used to work as a doughnut maker, but now has two bulging discs in her back and a deteriorating right hip, all hereditary traits in her family.


Kylie is very excited for Christmas. “Our Christmas tree and lights were all decorated already,” Spencer said,
more than a month before Dec. 25. “The Salvation Army helps out a lot when it comes to Christmas, to help give kids a good Christmas,” Spencer said.


Each year, The Daily Item, the Salvation Army of Milton and Sunbury, Susquehanna Bank and the radio stations of Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation team up to raise money for families in need. The Salvation Army distributes toys, food, clothing, and gifts to eligible families.


You are asked to please consider a generous contribution to the Needy Family Fund. Donations can be dropped off at any branch of the Susquehanna Bank.  More details are posted at (Daily Item)




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