NFF: Lewisburg family could use some assistance


LEWISBURG — A Lewisburg family is finding it hard to keep up in these tough economic times.

Lois Biddinger and her husband have seen the beautiful things many people in their town have, but they aren’t greedy. They keep a tight budget and are content with what they have. They just want their son to have more.


Their son has cerebral palsy. Mrs. Biddinger takes care of him every day when he is not at SunCom. She said he loves dogs. She’d love to get him a dog for Christmas if she could afford a nice small one.

“The doctor says a little dog would help. It would be good therapy for him, but we’re having a tough time,” Biddinger said.


Biddinger loves her son and she wants him to have all the things he wants. She said while he is 34, he has the mind of a 10-year-old, so Christmas is very important. “He’s an amazing kid, you know. He can do sign language. He loves gospel.” Biddinger said things are very tight this year. She tries to stick to a tight budget, but the cost of things is going up. That’s why the Needy Family Fund is so important to them.


Each year, The Daily Item, the Salvation Army of Milton and Sunbury, Susquehanna Bank and the radio stations of Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation team up to raise money for families in need. The Salvation Army distributes toys, food, clothing, and gifts to eligible families.


You are asked to please consider a generous contribution to the Needy Family Fund. Donations can be dropped off at any branch of the Susquehanna Bank. More details are posted at (Codi Jade)




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