NFF: Christmas baby a blessing, but…

SUNBURY — Christina Yordy is looking forward to expanding her family.  Along with her two daughters, ages 10 and 2, Yordy is pregnant with another child, due on Christmas day.  While she is a loving mother, she understands the amount of pressure a third child is putting on her family financially. She has decided to accept Salvation Army’s offer for help.

Christina and her husband just purchased a new home to house their growing family. She said, “Things are pretty tight with the new one coming, the new house, bills and loans and things.” While they don’t have a lot, they do try to give back to the community in volunteer efforts.  Yordy and her oldest daughter helped their church to send things to New York after Hurricane Sandy.

She said her children are content with what they have, but she wants to give them a good Christmas. She said, “I’m happy the Needy Family Fund is here, because they are a blessing to help families that truly need it.  They can help young children to understand the true meaning of Christmas.”

You can help this family and many others but please considering a generous contribution to the Needy Family Fund.

Each year, The Daily Item, the Salvation Army of Milton and Sunbury, Susquehanna Bank and the radio stations of Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation team up to raise money for families in need.


Salvation Army distributes toys, food, clothing, and gifts to eligible families. You are asked to please consider a generous contribution to the Needy Family Fund. Donations can be dropped off at any branch of the Susquehanna Bank. More details are posted at



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