NorCo Comms bicker, even without Clausi

Commissioner Rick Shoch provided WKOK an e-mail string between himself and Commissioner Bridy.  Read here: Commissioner E-mail

SUNBURY — Northumberland County Commissioners just can’t get along, even without former chairman Vinny Clausi present.  Not much was accomplished at Tuesday’s meeting.  A few motions were made to approve minor matters, but much of the hour and a half-long meeting was spent with Shoch and Bridy arguing.

Rick Shoch accused his fellow commissioners of changing the date of an upcoming meeting because they knew it would interfere with Shoch’s personal obligation to Point Township.  He claimed that Stephen Bridy knew his prior commitments on that particular date, and that is why either Bridy or Clausi asked to move the meeting.  Bridy said he was not aware of Shoch’s schedule, and he did not ask to have the meeting changed.

Vinny Clausi was not present at the meeting, he is recovering from major surgery. He does say he’ll be at the commissioners offices today for a news conference about Shoch’s recent comments. That event is free and open to the public at 12:30pm.



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