Northumberland Co Prothonotary campaign gets loud


SUNBURY – You may hear differing versions of an incident Wednesday at the Northumberland County Courthouse—it did result in raised voices and an argument. Sunbury Police Chief Stephen Mazzeo confirms that police were called to the Northumberland County prothonotary office around 9:45a.m.


The incident involved republican candidates for prothonartay Justin Dunkelberger and Jamie Saleski. Following his appearance on On The Mark Wednesday morning, Dunkelberger went to the prothonotary’s office. He says he spoke to Saleski about the campaign and his appearance on OTM.


She says he was loud and abusive, she felt harassed and intimidated. He says it was Saleski who was loud, and stalked him into the hallway. Dunkelberger said he did not raise his voice. Chief Mazzeo said no charges are likely but it is under investigation.





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