Northumberland County Adoptions: Creating forever families

SUNBURY– The Northumberland County Children and Youth Services held its 4th annual “Adoption Day” Wednesday. The event is held at the Northumberland County Courthouse and celebrates adoptions throughout the year as well as finalizing adoptions on this day.

Director of Social Services, Cathy Gemberling spoke about “Adoption Day” saying, “We honor all the families and the children that have been adopted throughout this year.” She said its a big celebration.

She said, “We have activities from balloon art, face painting, character drawings, and games. It’s just a fun day to honor the families that are willing to open their homes and hearts to these children and provide them and forever family.” The event is also designed to celebrate Nation Adoption Awareness Month.

Harold Mast, a recent adoptive parent spoke about his son saying,” it’s just a celebration of something that was really an unexpected miracle that happened for us this past year. We met him in October and in May he was our son.”

National Adoption Awareness Month helps increase the number of families considering adoption and celebrates the creation of new families through adoption. (Sarah Lagerman)

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