Northumberland County: Federal Gun Laws Need Not Apply

commisionersSUNBURY — With an ongoing national gun control debate, Northumberland County Commissioner Stephen Bridy wants to make it clear that Northumberland County does not support any laws that infringe on second amendment rights.  Bridy raised the issue at the Northumberland County Commissioners meeting urging the other commissioners to pass a resolution.

When asked about why passing the resolution was so important Bridy said, “Our rights are starting to be trampled, I feel that every American has the right to bear arms.”

The resolution, which would be identical to one recently passed in Susquehanna County will state,  “any federal act, bill, law, rule or executive order that in any way infringes on our second amendment rights by attempting to reduce the private ownership of any firearm, magazine or ammunition shall be unenforceable in Northumberland County.”

The resolution was tabled in Tuesday’s Northumberland County Commissioner’s meeting, but will be on the agenda for a vote next meeting. (Jillian Lewis)



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