Northumberland County pornography case going to trial

SUNBURY — Northumberland County will go to court for a three-year-old dispute.  Commissioners agreed at their public meeting Tuesday to move forward with trial in a wrongful termination suit.

The issue stems from a 2010 incident where former Northumberland County deputies Michael Boris and Joe Jones were fired after pornography was allegedly found on their computer.  Commissioner Vinny Clausi says he wants to end this.  “There was 10,000 hits on pornography sites using county computers.  They want to sue me and Northumberland County government.  Before I leave office in two years I want to make sure I go to trial to prove that corruption in Northumberland County must end.”

Commissioners voted to have the county solicitor send a letter to District Judge Benjamin Apfelbaum informing him of their decision to go to trial. (Sara Bartlett)

Vinny Clausi



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