Raw Video: Northumberland County’s $23-million savings


SUNBURY– Northumberland County Commissioner Vinny Clausi held a news conference Monday morning talk about the tremendous savings he and some other business people have realized for NorthumberlandCounty. The discussion was held near, and involved the Human Services complex, which involves several large buildings and a large parking lot.


He was talking about two sets of renegotiating the leases at the Human Services complex, in 2008, and in 2011. Commissioner Clausi says the renegotiated lease will result in saving the county large amounts of taxpayer money, “The evidence shows we will be saving twenty-three million dollars the next fifteen years and do it because of the negotiated lease.”


Commissioner Clausi also says he and a negotiating team worked for free to save the county money in the long run, “It will not cost a penny to the tax payer, and you say how, because a lot of the money comes from valued grants agency.”


In 2028, the county will own the property. Commissioner Clausi’s team consisted of Gene Welsh, Joe Pancerella and Craig Fetterman and negotiated with architects Penn and Stan Seiple.   (Lauren Koch)




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