Northumberland man missing in state forest

BEAR GAP — Multiple emergency crews and police departments are searching for a missing Northumberland man in the Weiser State Forest. 55-year-old Michael Kenney has been reported missing since Wednesday night.

A ‘ping’ on his cell phone came from the Weiser State Forest area along Route 54 near Bear Gap. Kenney’s car was found in the parking lot of the state forest.

DCNR Forester Robert Martynowych says large groups of volunteers are searching the area, “Hasty teams are going out, which means there is a quick search of probable areas. If there are not successful, then there will be a more detailed grid search in a larger area. There is no reason to think this person would not want to be found.”

A state police helicopter is assisting in the search, but Martynowych says it is difficult to spot anything because of the large amount of the overhead leaf canopy.

Martynowych says Kenney is a traveling nurse and is a marathon runner. He was reportedly training for the Bear Gap Hellbender race in August. Police are expected to have more information on the search throughout the day. (Sara Bartlett/Ali Stevens)







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