Northumberland Police Chief moving to patrolman job nearby

NORTHUMBERLAND — Northumberland Police Chief Tim Fink will soon be working as a patrolman in Point Township, leaving his job as chief behind. Fink decided to take a different job with Point Township in about three weeks.


He said, “I just felt like I needed a change, while staying in the career of law enforcement. I feel it was the right choice to make at this point in my life.”


Fink says it will be an adjustment to go from chief to patrolman, but he thinks it is a positive move. He said, “I’ve been with the Northumberland borough police department since 1995. I’ve been chief since 2004. It is going to be a change, but I think it’s going to be a positive change.”


Fink wanted residents of Northumberland to know he will still be visible in his hometown. He said, “I wish everyone here in the borough the best of luck. I still reside in the borough and plan on still participating in community events around town. But, my work status will be out there instead of here.”


Northumberland Mayor Len Zboray has not yet received Fink’s letter of resignation, so he declined to comment on Fink’s move to Point Township. Joshua VanKirk, chief of police in Point Township, said they are pleased to have an officer on board with extensive experience in a number of areas. Fink replaces Wade Lytle, who was fired in November after it was discovered he had a romantic relationship with a victim in a rape case. (Ali Stevens)




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