Nottingham Village 5K to feed children

NORTHUMBERLAND — Running this weekend could help feed hungry kids in The Valley. Nottingham Village Senior Living Center is hosting their first 5K run Saturday to support the Caring For Kids program.


Sue Wert is an administrator at Nottingham Village. She said, “Nottingham is always looking to support the community, and we thought it would be great to help Caring For Kids.   The entire race covers our campus, which entails personal care, the independent living and skilled nursing center. It’s on-road and off-road and covers our campus, so you’ll see the more than 100 acres.”


Tara Spencer is a parent coordinator of Caring For Kids, a program that sends food home with children on weekends when they don’t get school lunches. She says while they would love to help the millions of hungry kids in the world, they are focusing their efforts on kids right here in The Valley.


“We started the program at Chief Shikellamy with some faculty and staff in February of 2013, just because we saw a need for something like this. Kids were coming in hungry, they were going to the nurses office with belly aches and that sort of thing. The first week that we did it we sent home six bags. The following week it was more like 12-14 bags. Now we are doing it at the middle school and all four elementary schools in the Shikellamy district and we are up to just under 500 bags a week,” Spencer said.


The Nottingham Village 5K race is Saturday on the Nottingham campus. Registration is at 8:00a.m. and the race kicks off at 9:00a.m. Walkers and runners are welcome to enter the challenging race. It will be chip-timed. You can find more information at Donations of non-perishable, kid-friendly food will also be accepted at the race. (Codi Jade)

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