Parents can help prevent the summer slide

SUNBURY – Now that school is ending for area students, educators sometimes call summer vacation the “summer slide” for students.  Amy Morton is chief academic officer and director of curriculum for the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit and explained the “summer slide”.
Morton said, “When kids leave school, the structure and the focus on the rigorous academics tends to end for a lot of kids.  Then they have two full months of maybe not doing a whole lot of things when it comes to reading and math and citizenship.  So, when the kids get back to school in the fall, there is a lot of time sometimes spent by the teachers to kind of regroup, go over and review what was done the previous year.”
Morton says parents can make a difference and help students get back to school in the fall. She said, “Having conversations with your children to keep them using their vocabulary and keeping them physically active is critical.  There are a couple of projects during the summer that they could be doing, which would teach them responsibility.  A lot of things that don’t look like school actually help the student retain the reading and math skills.”
She also recommends taking day trips with your kids to historical sites and keep them reading in the summer.  You can hear more from Morton and other educators at the CSIU, on this and other topics, from our WKOK Sunrise program online at  (Ali Stevens)



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