Penn Township lowers flood insurance premiums

PENN TWP — Residents in Penn Township, Snyder County will be paying less for their flood insurance premiums.  The reduction of the premiums is the result of various floodplain management measures encouraged by the FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program.

Penn Township is one of just 24 Pennsylvania municipalities that has reached and exceeded their goals through a voluntary program called the Community Rating System.  The program includes 10 different class ratings based on the number and type of activities initiated by each community.  Each time a community moves up in class, it provides residents with an additional 5% reduction in their flood insurance premiums.

Penn Township is now a Class 7, which enables its residents to receive a 15% reduction.  To qualify, townships and municipalities must meet three goals; reducing flood losses, facilitating accurate insurance ratings and promoting the awareness of flood insurance. (Sara Bartlett)


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