PennDOT is winter ready, are you?

MONTOURSVILLE — As December can bring some treacherous driving conditions, PennDOT is gearing up for whatever may come our way.

Spokesman Rick Mason said, “Statewide we have 2,000 pieces of snow removal equipment.  PennDOT is ready for whatever mother nature will throw our way.  We will continue to have internal web-based seminars prior to storm events to discuss with meteorologists what we can expect through different storms.  These webinars are also used to identify any issues statewide and discuss if there are any potential needs to share manpower, equipment and/or materials across the state.”

Mason expressed the importance of everyone preparing for winter driving. He said, “We remind folks that to help us do our jobs effectively, we need a collective effort of all drivers to drive winter smart.”

For more tips on how to drive winter smart, log on to  You can also hear more from Rick Mason on WKOK’s On The Mark program on December 18.  (Codi Jade)



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