PennDOT to fund transportation study

UNDATED – PennDOT will be conducting a transportation study in six area counties, which include Northumberland, Montour and Columbia Counties.  The aim of the study is to provide options to counties, transit services and the North Central Pennsylvania Public Transportation Taskforce as they look to expand public transportation programs in Central Pennsylvania.

There are currently five demand responsive systems in the area, which provide access to daily needs such as medical appointments, senior centers and employment training.  Counties contribute to their fixed route systems and, in many cases, individuals who use the transit program pay a fee.  The study will help make sure these funds are being used cost effectively.

Some possible cost-cutting options are operating all five systems from one central location and consolidating administration functions, reducing space and staffing requirements.  The Regional Transit Consolidation Study will take about a year to complete.  Centre, Clinton and Lycoming counties will also take part. (Sara Bartlett)






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