Pennsylvania’s budget deadline is nearing

HARRISBURG – More money for education—and lower taxes for businesses—those are the highlights of a new proposed budget for Pennsylvania. The state budget process is coming down to the wire with the fiscal year ending June 30.

State Representative Fred Keller (R-85th, Middleburg) spoke about the increase in spending saying, “Its increasing the overall spending 2.1%, increasing the spending on education 2.7% and the department of public welfare 2.7%. Additionally, for the department of health there is a 3% increase and it also doubles the children’s health insurance program money allocated for that. So I think it takes care of a lot of priorities, while also being mind full that it is the tax payer’s money.”

Not part of the budget proposal are liquor store privatization (which has been passed by the house) and transportation legislation (which is now being considered by the state senate).

Keller says a balanced budget will—most likely—be passed on time. Keller said, “ The budget deadline is June 30 and I think everybody is Harrisburg is committed doing everything they can to make sure we hit that deadline.”

The house is now considering the Governor’s transportation initiatives—which include funding for the CSVT. Keller is in favor of the legislation. ( Sarah Lagerman)

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