Persing seeking another term

SUNBURY — The city of Sunbury is going in a positive direction and the incumbent mayor wants to keep that going.

David Persing is seeking reelection for the position.  Persing says there is more investment now in the city of Sunbury than there has been in 50 years.  “We just keep moving forward on things like recreational tourism that brings lots of people into the town.  People spend money in the town and that helps bring in new businesses and keep existing businesses thriving.  It is very important to keep that going.”

Sunbury has not had a tax increase for four years.  How about the future?  “We need to protect the property and lives of the people in Sunbury,” says Persing, “And as mayor that is what you get sworn in to do.  We are going to do our best not to raise taxes and I really think we can do it for another year.  Four or five years from now, I’m not sure we’d be able to do that.  That is the goal of council, not to raise taxes.  But, we also don’t want to jeopardize the safety of people in Sunbury.”

Persing, a Republican, will face opposition from Joe Bartello, who is currently a Sunbury City Councilman.  You can hear more from both Persing and Bartello here. (Sara Bartlett)

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