Phase two of Sunbury’s neighborhood improvements

SUNBURY — Sunbury is moving into phase two of their current effort to remove blighted properties from neighborhoods in the city. Sunbury’s hands-on Neighborhood Improvement Project will be enforced under the city’s Redevelopment Authority and will be under the city rules and regulations within the code office.


Sunbury Mayor David Persing said they will create a listing of every property in the city and maintain that list. He said, “What we are dealing with are a lot of homes that are on the borderline. Can they be fixed up or can’t they be fixed up? Are people walking away from them?”


He added, “We are going to deal directly with the property owners on a one-on-one basis. If need be, we are going to clean these properties up ourselves and charge these people. We are going to keep these properties on a list.”


The project will also have walk-by inspections and documentation of all major blight issues including bad sidewalks, unsafe structures on the property, outside maintenance issues, abandoned properties and major clean-up needed including removal of garbage, used tires and rubbish. Persing says they are going to try and prevent having to tear these properties down. (Ali Stevens)




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