Piece of Milton history discovered in old library

MILTON — A piece of local history was discovered in an old building in Northumberland County and it will soon be unveiled to the public. While cleaning out the former Milton Public Library building, volunteers stumbled on an important document from 1790. John Meckley of the Milton Historical Society explained.


Meckley said, “In an old vault, they found a box with what looked like very old papers. It turned out to be some very interesting old engravings, a very old family bible and an unfolded piece of paper that looked very much like a deed. Sure enough, it turned out to be the deed that was originally written to Andrew Straub, who is credited with founding Milton.”


Meckley says they were shocked to realize they had stumbled on this original document. He said, “The words on the deed match exactly with the story of how we all know Andrew Straub. The document is written on sheepskin. It’s got the original ink. It’s got the original wax seal from Philadelphia County and Northumberland County.”


Meckley said he took the document to the Northumberland County Courthouse and Mary Zimmerman and her staff helped him authenticate it. Meckley said, “The document is very well preserved. There are two things that are very bad for old paper like that. They are light and moisture. Fortunately it was protected from both for all these years.”



The original deed of Milton will be on display for the public at the Milton Public Library. It will also be revealed next Thursday at the Milton Historical Society’s annual dinner, where Meckley will talk about the big discovery. You can see pictures of the document online at www.wkok.com. (Ali Stevens)




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