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KUTZTOWN, Pa. (AP) – Students on some Pennsylvania college campuses might be carrying more than their books. At least five Pennsylvania state-owned universities are now allowing guns onto campus after students complained they weren’t permitted to pack their firearms, and a subsequent legal analysis by the state’s lawyers concluded that an outright ban on weapons was likely unconstitutional. Kutztown, Shippensburg, Edinboro, Slippery Rock and Millersville universities have all changed their policies over the past year to reflect the advice of lawyers in the governor’s office and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. But state system officials appear to be having second thoughts, telling all 14 member schools on Friday to hold off on any new weapons policy changes while a task force takes a second look at the issue.


IRWIN, Pa. (AP) – Nine students in one western Pennsylvania school district may miss their high school prom because they were found not to have the chickenpox vaccine. The Pennsylvania Department of Health notified the Norwin School District that one student has the highly contagious virus, prompting school officials to pull student immunization records. Thirty-three students were found to not have the vaccine, though at least one had been vaccinated later Thursday, after the school district sent a letter home to parents and posted the health department information on its website. Norwin’s prom is Friday night. School officials say students without the vaccine also can’t attend classes through the incubation period that runs through May 28. The can return to school before then if a blood test proves they’re immune or if they get the vaccine by Sunday.


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WASHINGTON (AP) – Two astronauts will do a spacewalk Saturday to try to fix an ammonia leak in the power system at the International Space Station. The leak forced the shutdown of one of eight solar panels. But NASA says the space station can operate fine with only seven panels providing power. NASA announced the decision to do the spacewalk at a briefing Friday afternoon. The leak is in one of the radiator lines that cool the power systems. There’s been a leak before in the same area. NASA has said the six-man station crew is not in danger. Three of them are scheduled to return to Earth on Monday, one of the reasons why they will try to fix the problem this weekend.


NEW YORK (AP) – NBC is pulling the plug on Brian Williams’ newsmagazine “Rock Center” after a short, troubled life where it failed to find a consistent home on the network’s prime-time schedule. The network said Friday that the show would soon be ending. “Rock Center” premiered on Halloween 2011 and news executives preached patience then, saying it would take a while to get established. Bob Costas’ interview with Jerry Sandusky about the Penn State child sexual abuse case was its biggest coup. Since its premiere, NBC aired the show on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights.


NEW YORK (AP) – Top CBS News anchor Scott Pelley says a recent rash of mistakes shows journalism’s house is on fire. The “CBS Evening News” anchor says in a world in which everyone is a publisher no one is an editor. He delivered a scolding to his industry Friday while receiving a journalism award. Pelley talked about how several news organizations prematurely reported an arrest in the Boston Marathon bombing case. Media critic Howard Kurtz has confessed on his CNN show about messing up a story about gay NBA player Jason Collins. And Pelley doesn’t exempt himself, noting he falsely reported the Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooter’s mother was a teacher at the school. He urges a renewed dedication to getting things right rather than first.


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