Plenty of residents take advantage of a free heart screening

LEWISBURG – About 100 residents took part in Evangelical Community Hospital’s free heart screening on Thursday at the Community Health Education Center. Deena Carson was drawing blood for the screening.


Carson said, “The lipid panel really breaks down your cholesterol. It does the HDL’s, the LDL’s and the triglycerides. It tells you how everything breaks down. When you just look at a total cholesterol, it gives you just a plain number, so you don’t know how much of that is good cholesterol and how much is bad.”


RN Amy Minnier was checking weight and body fat. She said, “The percentage of body fat refers to the amount of weight that is fat, versus muscle or other tissues in your body. When you step onto our machine and it depends how fast it sends electricity through your body how much water, muscle or fat you have. It then gives us a read out for the patient.”


The nurses say the screenings are available year round by making an appointment. You can call 768-3200 for a reservation. Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation has teamed up with Evangelical Community Hospital for Rock Red for Health Hearts during the month of February. Find out more on our website at




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