Pocono IndyCar featured on Steve Jones Show

Photo courtesy of ESPN


LONGPOND — ESPN and ABC racing commentator and former IndyCar race Scott Goodyear was on the Steve Jones Show talking about the ‘tricky triangle’ that is the Pocono International Raceway. He said drivers and car crews can’t set up for the whole track they way they do at Indy, he says at Pocono they’ll have to ‘pick a turn:


“I’ve been here this morning, talking to all the drivers, and they say, ‘I don’t know which corner to make my car work the best at, because if I choose over here and a lot of other people choose the other turns, I’m going to lose,’ but I’m hearing one common thread right now is that everyone is probably going to work to make their car the best in turn three…for a couple reasons.”


He said, “One, obviously, its leading onto the longest straight, and (two) then if there is a restart very close to the end, you want to get off turn three to get a good run going down the main straight.” You can year all of the Steve Jones Show, broadcast from Pocono Friday, at WKOK.com.




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