Police: Patience key for Danville commute

DANVILLE — As cars pile up on northbound Route 11, one might wonder what would happen if a fire broke out in downtown Danville and emergency crews had to pass through.  Eric Gill, Chief of Danville Police Department said they have thought of this.


“There are plans in place in case there are fires in certain areas of the borough,” Gill said.  “If the response is needed, the dispatchers know, and the fire chiefs know how to direct the fire trucks and emergency personnel to go where they need to go, in the event that that happens.”


As far as how they will deal with the added traffic volumes during the upcoming school year, Gill said patience is the key.  “I can almost guarantee that it is going to get worse,” he said.  “We ask people to leave earlier.  Expect delays.  I am not anticipating any hour and ten minute delays like one person did report recently, but there are certainly going to be delays.  We need commuter patience.”


Construction is scheduled to continue for the next few months on the intersection of Routes 11 and 54.  (Codi Jade)

traffic, slow, roads

traffic, slow, roads



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