PPL helping out across the region

SUNBURY —  As more than 800,000 Pennsylvania households remain without power, PPL Electric Utilities is working to help out across the state.  PPL spokesperson Teri MacBride said while many utility workers remain in The Valley, they have sent available crews to areas with a massive number of outages.


MacBride said, “We have deployed a number of personnel from all over the system, where we could release them, to go down to the Lancaster area.  We are wrapping things up in the Harrisburg area, then available crews from the Harrisburg area will move to Lancaster later today.  That’s really how the system works.  When we are impacted in one area and have the ability to move crews, we do that.  The priority being to restore customers as quickly and safely as possible.”


MacBride said electricity companies work together when necessary,  “We don’t consider other electric distribution companies to be competitors.  We rely on what is called the mutual assistance program.  We’ve used that program and we’ve contributed to it in the past.  What that means is when there is an emergency the utilities work collaboratively to free up their manpower where they can and get crews on site wherever they’re needed.”


MacBride said several PPL crews are working  hard to restore electricity to the 17,000 people still without power in their coverage area.  She said the priority is to bring back power to the most households at a time.  The power outages are said to be due to Wednesday’s ice storm and toppling trees.  (Codi Jade)




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