PPL talks power outages across The Valley

SUNBURY — Following strong storms Sunday evening, many people throughout The Valley were without power for several hours.  Teri MacBride of PPL said nearly 20,000 customers lost power, some into Monday evening.


“It affected some of our transmission lines,  as well as our distribution lines,” she said. “Transmission lines are the ones that carry bulk power.  The reason for that was a tree that fell on the transmission line in the Middleburg area… That is what happened in SnyderCounty, but we also had service problems in Northumberland and UnionCounty as well.”


MacBride said they received reports on over 114 cases of trouble to address, so outside crews were brought in to help.   “We had over 50 crews from the northeastern area helping us.  Allentown, Lancaster and our friends over in Hazleton came up and helped us regionally.  We also had contractors… So you may have seen companies with different names out there doing repair work, they were probably working for us, doing repairs.”


MacBride said PPL has been working to upgrade their equipment, which now includes tools that could address some issues remotely.  She said people should always contact PPL when an outage occurs and visit their website for the latest information at www.PPLelectric.com.  MacBride was a guest on WKOK’s On The Mark program.  (Codi Jade)




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