Prison board to discuss new prison next week


SUNBURY – Building a new Northumberland County Prison will be on the agenda for the county prison board next week. County Commissioner chairman Vinny Clausi was adamant this week that a new prison must be built soon.


“I believe they will appoint three people that will focus on looking at decision for a new prison. We have to move forward because it would be tens of millions of dollars if we do not take care of these matters.” Clausi would not go into details about the conditions or incidents inside the prison, but emphasized, “Its time.”


He says building a new prison will be worth the money. “If we take $2 million and borrow $40 million that is not a lot of money. We could build double the cells we need and then we can house illegal immigrants as well.”

Clausi says the idea of a regional prison has been tried for years, but there has been no cooperation, so it is impossible. The prison board meets Wednesday at the Northumberland County Prison. (Sara Bartlett)





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