Prison discussion in Snyder County

MIDDLEBURG – A prison board meeting will be held in Snyder County Thursday, where the prison board will do some long-range planning when it comes to incarceration and corrections. Snyder County Commissioner Malcolm Derk says they will be looking at all options available to them regarding alternative sentencing.


Derk said, “Possibly day reporting might be good. We had the opportunity to visit Union County on Monday and saw their new day reporting center and how it works. It helps non-violent offenders get their GED’s and also helps with other educational barriers, working on those barriers to help individuals gain employment.”


They will also be looking at electronic monitoring. Derk said, “The county has been using that for some time, but personally I would like to see some expansion of that service. Technology allows individuals to be tracked with GPS through electronic bracelets and also monitors them for substance use, so those are alternatives that are less costly.


Derk says he does not support the idea of building a new prison in Snyder County. He says the current jail has bed space and he’s pleased with the facility. Derk says they need to look regionally at what neighboring counties have as resources and their facilities and programs. The prison board meeting will be held at 9:30 a.m. at the Snyder County Courthouse. (Ali Stevens)


Snyder Co Courthouse



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